The purpose of the missions ministry of the Fredericksburg Church of Christ is to help the elders and the congregation carry out the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-16. To achieve this, the missions ministry with prayerful consideration will:

  1. explore all mission opportunities available to the congregation
  2. review each proposed mission work for suitability to the spiritual, physical, and financial abilities of the congregation
  3. present an annual budget to the elders and congregation for approval
  4. upon approval, monitor the budgeted works and keep the elders and congregation informed of their status by various methods including an annual report.

It may also, depending on the need and timing, recommend other mission works for consideration outside the budget. The missions ministry continues to develop working goals as well as criteria for evaluating new mission requests, and will periodically survey the congregation to determine its “heart” related to mission works. At present, the missions ministry and the congregation are involved in supporting missionaries in South Africa, Cameroon, India, Thailand, and Russia. In addition, the missions ministry helps finance trips by both adult and teenage members of the congregation to help with mission work in the areas of Africa, Russia, and Central America.


On May 2, 2014, three members from Fredericksburg and one former member traveled to Ondangwa, Namibia for the purpose of establishing a new congregation there.  Ondongwa is located in a major population center in the northern area of Namibia.  Members from two other congregations in Arkansas met us there for the campaign, as well as, brothers from the Windhoek, Namibia congregation.  Despite flight delays from aircraft problems we all got there and had a good start for the new congregation with eleven baptisms and meeting other Christians from other African countries that had moved to Namibia to work.  Brother Anthony Ngabwe, from Windhoek, will be the preacher for this new congregation.  He is a dynamic and personable soul and has preached at the Windhoek congregation for some time now.  They will be sorry he is leaving.  A small building is being erected as the church meeting place.  We wish them success and pray that the congregation will grow to many souls in the near future.

One of the Gospel Chariots set up in a large, grassy area and we began having Bible studies and church services for the remainder of the week.  There were a total of 35 studies, which resulted in the baptisms.  We wish them well and will continue to pray for them and encourage them as time goes on.