Little is known of the Church of Christ in Fredericksburg prior to 1945. We know that for some time before that, five or six people met above the old Piggly Wiggly grocery store on Main Street.

In 1945, the group began meeting in the home of Bill Bryan. Construction was began on what is now our fellowship hall in 1947 on land donated by Brother Bryan. John West did a great deal of the actual construction of the building, and the group began meeting in the new building in 1948.

Growth of the church was very slow for a number of years, and as the need arose for help in preaching or teaching, the men from the Kerrville Church of Christ always stepped in to help.

In 1966 the leaders of the congregation wanted to hire a full-time minister but lacked sufficient finances to do so. The elders of the Junction Church of Christ became aware of the needs and agreed to help.

The greatest and steadiest growth was experienced during the late 1970s. The original building was remodeled and expanded three times before the new auditorium was completed in 1986. In 1997, there were 92 families worshiping here.

In the past the following men have served as elders: Rae Hennon, Jerry Durr, Jerry Borchers, Harry McHone, Ollie Martin, Rayburn Nash, T.J. Oehler, Boyd Hayes, Duery Menzies, and Larry Young. Dan Hartmann and Roland Laird were installed as elders in November 1993, and A.C. Kuse joined these men in February 1997.

Ministers of the church in Fredericksburg have been J.D. Moss, Brother Romine, Clem Hoover, Bill Morrison, John Paden, Scott Johnson, and Gene Johnston — who served from 1982 until 1995. Tommy LeFan began his ministry here in December of 1995.